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Do you also have a nagging thought that time is ticking and there's so much of the world you still want to see?

In the simplest terms, you're chasing the feeling of being alive–finding adventure, discovering new experiences, and having more freedom than ever before. But when you go to take the leap, an important piece is missing: people to share the journey with. 

And not just any kind of people–your kind of people. 

The curious, optimistic, adventurous travellers with a fiery passion for life. Those who value experiences and crave connection, always open to learning from new cultures and gaining a new perspective. Other motivated professionals who take their ambitions seriously but still love to have fun in their down time.

In 2016, we found those type of people, formed a community and called it WiFi Tribe. 

Since then, we've grown to 1,000 remote professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs from 62 nationalities who have embarked on an unconventional style of travel. Where every month, members come together to call a new city home–to colive, cowork, and collaborate to write an unforgettable Chapter of their lives. 

If this is what you're searching for, there's room for one more.

Until you're ready to apply, subscribe to our new way of living.

If this is what you're searching for,

there's room for one more. Until you're ready to apply,  subscribe to our new way of living.

WiFi Tribe is a community that travels together

Our approach to travel is unconventional so we call our trips something different. A Chapter is a moment in time where our community meets to spend a month coliving, coworking, and exploring a new country together. But it's not a vacation and the goal isn't to cross off a line from our bucket lists. There's a focus on advancing our careers and discovering adventure during the moments in between.

Several Chapters run at the same time across different continents, so each month, members choose the destination they want to see. Between jumping on Chapters and making their own travel plans, our community sees the world on their own terms.

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WiFi Tribe Africa
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WiFi Tribe is a curated community

Our community is filled with down-to-earth people because we don't compromise on who we are. Who we are isn't measured by our professional success or number of places we've seen; it's all about being a decent human being. By believing in the same values, it transforms us from a group of strangers into a community who fits perfectly together.

Core to what  helps us fit together is the careful interview process each member completes before joining. It's designed to draw in our type of person– someone who aspires to combine a professional career with the freedom to travel, and share the mind-opening experience with others. When we meet our kind of person, we invite them to join us and contribute their talents and energy to make our community even better.

WiFi Tribe is a community where everyone has a voice

For every Chapter, only three things are for certain: we have a place to stay, there's reliable wifi, and our friends are there waiting for us to arrive. Without a detailed itinerary in sight, the rest is up to the community.

Our Chapters are a collaboration, where the weekend trips, sunset happy hours, and impromptu beach games are planned in the moment. With so many seasoned travellers and a few meticulous planners, the opportunities to create one-of-a-kind memories are endless. We've slept under the stars in the Sahara, sailed catamarans in Santorini, paraglided in Rio de Janeiro, and we can't wait for what's next.

What Does the Tribe Say?

Each member has a unique set of skills that they contribute to the overall community, creating a work environment that fosters creativity, inspiration, and new opportunities to create amazing things.  We'll let our members tell you their experience being part of the Tribe:

"I love travelling with Wifi Tribe where I never have to explain, everyone gets it."

"To the outside world, this lifestyle is strange. I love travelling with WiFi Tribe where I never have to explain, everyone gets it. WiFi Tribe puts so much thought and heart into finding the most incredible people. Everyone is motivated and passionate, but at the same time open, positive, community-minded, and ego-free, the perfect combination. I find I'm both more productive and more adventurous when I'm with the Tribe."

- Jess M.

"As a new digital nomad, I greatly appreciated the travel advice & tips"

"Everyone has something to offer the Tribe. Some were master organisers who curated nights out with ease, others were always down for an adventure, but the commonality between everyone was a sense of looking out for one another. As a new digital nomad, I greatly appreciated the travel advice & tips I received from seasoned Tribe members." - Harrison C.

"I wanted something I could

make my own"

"I had interviewed with a few similar companies but what appealed most to me about WiFi Tribe was the flexibility it offered. I wanted something I could make my own rather than just feel like I was taking the 'easy route' and following a pre-set plan." - Jen F.